Michael D. Clark

I’ve known Jason for over 12 years, and I can tell you he’s the kind of guy you’re glad to say we’re good friends. He’s worked in estate sales the whole time I’ve known him, and here’s what makes a personal reference easy—he loves this work. He’s upset when he sees it being done poorly and knows how to provide Estate services in an honest way. He comes to this job with care and empathy for the person/family he sells for and the customers/groups he sells to.

I’ve worked for the United Nations (Vienna) and have met people—and the highest levels—who don’t like what they do for a living. Jason enjoys his calling. He’s good at it, and (just as important) he feeds off doing it right and takes pride in being ethical and truthful in the work world. Here’s a truism that tells you about Jason—in my early retirement, I split my time between Michigan and Oregon, and when I’m on the West Coast, Jason has a key to my condo to watch over my home.

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